Sustainable packaging design for fruit and vegetable

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

INFINITIA has developed a project to design a sustainable packaging for fruit and vegetable food. The aim is to promote the recycling and reduction of plastics, in line with the European commitment to sustainability and waste reduction as a means to promote the circular economy.

The different foods that are marketed have specific qualities that need to be known, so that the new packaging can be adapted to these characteristics, both in terms of materials and formal requirements.

Sustainable packaging design for fruit and vegetable
With this research we have contributed to the implementation of the new sustainability measures established at European level. In addition, we have improved the user experience when buying certain foods.

Sustainable packaging design for fruit and vegetable
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

INFINITIA’s strategic design team began by conducting a market study of the competition and consumers. This analysis made it possible to observe the trends and the most outstanding products and, therefore, the features most desired by the potential user.

These results were analysed using an Azzi star. This method allows each product to be analysed by looking at the potential of different factors: safety, ergonomics, sustainability, aesthetics and functionality.

Subsequently, our team scheduled a creativity and ideation session that aimed to create and conceptualise a large number of ideas. The ideas with the highest potential were then clustered and selected.

The last step was to redesign the final product. For this, digital graphic tools, such as the Adobe package, and illustration resources were used. This resulted in a design of the future packaging adapted to the functional and aesthetic specifications defined in previous phases.

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