Packaging design for a new perfume

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

INFINITIA’s Strategic Design team recently launched a new innovation project consisting of the design of the packaging for a new product of perfumery.

Packaging design for a new perfume
In this sector of the consumer market, the importance of packaging is vital if the products are to succeed. For this reason, this perfume container design project and the development of its packaging had to fulfil a triple function: to allow the product to be stored and transported appropriately, to offer a design that identified with the values to be transmitted by the product and the brand in an appropriate way to potential users, and to guarantee its attractiveness when it was displayed and presented to the public in commercial sales areas.

In this sense, the difficulty we faced consisted precisely in strengthening the communicative capacity of the product by adjusting to the needs and requirements of potential users.

The result of this work was a packaging that met all these requirements, allowing us to fulfil all the previous stages necessary for an optimal launch of the product on the market.

Packaging design for a new perfume
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

As usual, the team began the project with a process of research and market study of the packaging , focusing especially on its application in the perfumery sector. This research into existing products on the market made it possible to analyse the context in which the product was to coexist and to obtain very interesting conclusions that could be taken into account for the design process.

The study carried out was completed with different qualitative techniques in which in-depth interviews were conducted with potential users, with the aim of finding out their needs and being able to apply the characteristics and functions analysed on the design of the product. The interviews were carried out both telematically, via video call, and in person, through meetings with the users.

Once the preliminary research had been carried out, the team tackled the stage of drawing up design proposals for the packaging. Through different ideation and sketching sessions, a series of previous concepts of the packaging were generated and polished. These concepts were then shaped through 3D modelling and rendering, allowing the representation of these product ideas in the context that had been defined.

With these proposals, a concept test was carried out, in which again, through interviews with potential users, the aim was to check and validate the effectiveness of the pre-designs made, gather the opinion and perception of the users about them and obtain a series of conclusions for the development of the final packaging.

With these conclusions and the feedback obtained from the interviews, the previous ideas were adjusted and nuanced to achieve the initial objectives of the project. The 3D modelling and pre-rendering was developed, obtaining the final design of the perfume container and packaging, which was presented and finally approved by the client for the launch.

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